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Best Way to De-stress

If you are regularly feeling stressed, tired, or just need a break from the constant hustle and bustle, meditation might be the perfect remedy for you. Meditation is a growing interest among health gurus and gym-goers alike as it has been proven to cultivate mindfulness while reducing stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. In addition,…
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July 21, 2018 0

Pamper Yourself at Four Pillars

Looking to start your week off the right way? Treat yourself with a trip to Four Pillars! Located in San Marco Plaza in Lakewood Ranch, this center offers a multitude of ways to connect the mind, body and spirit together with the social self. Four Pillars offers an abundant amount of wellness services, educational experiences…
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July 8, 2018 0

The Best Ways to Detox After the 4th

Another 4th of July has come and gone; which means another day of cold drinks, barbecue, festive desserts and, of course, unlimited snacking has occurred to celebrate the USA the right way. But alas, July 5th has arrived bringing the all too-familiar guilt of going overboard with your cheat day. Although we might be feeling…
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July 5, 2018 0