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What happens when you use a VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Dilator?

November 6, 2018 Healthy Living 0
VuVa Vaginal Dilator

What happens when you use a VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Dilator?

Soft tissue lengthens, relaxing muscles and ligaments. As the tissue relaxes, the Neodymium magnets increase blood flow to the painful area calming nerves. VuVa™ Dilators are the only patented dilators available with Neodymium magnets.

Magnetic Therapy is based on the premise that all living organisms exist in a magnetic field, including the human body. The human body generates its own magnetic field. Therefore, the body can heal itself when electromagnetic energy is in balance.

The “North Pole” of a Neodymium magnet is often referred to by medical researchers as the “healing side” of the magnet. The VuVa™ Vaginal Dilator set contains over sixty strategically positioned Neodymium magnets that allow this field of soothing energy to flow into the body.

Iron is a component of our blood content and every ion – or atom – contained in our cells carries oxygen and produces an electrical impulse. These two elements make up our bodies own electrical magnetic field.

This means when the negative north side of a magnet is placed next to a painful area, it draws fresh oxygenated blood to the nerves and surrounding muscles. This, in contrast, is a positive energy field. The positive energy field creates two results: as magnets are alkaline, it counteracts any acidity in the body caused by disease and fresh blood helps to remove any acidity from the body which, in turn, accelerates healing while reducing pain.

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