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Best Way to De-stress

July 21, 2018 Healthy Living 0

If you are regularly feeling stressed, tired, or just need a break from the constant hustle and bustle, meditation might be the perfect remedy for you. Meditation is a growing interest among health gurus and gym-goers alike as it has been proven to cultivate mindfulness while reducing stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. In addition, mediation has also been associated with improving circulation and lowering both blood pressure and heart rate. With its overall goal to achieve a calm mind, and to simply allow oneself to be present, meditation offers a multitude of benefits to those who continuously practice it, including a sharpened mind.

There are two major types of meditation that are most popularly practiced: concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation. Concentration meditation focuses on a single point, such as a gong sound, breathing or a chosen mantra.  Those who practice this concentration solely focus on that one point throughout the entirety of the practice. Any time one notices the mind begin to wander, awareness is quickly refocused to the chosen object until the practice is completed. Mindfulness meditation works in the opposite way. Instead of focusing on a single point, this type works to observe and take note of the wandering thoughts that drift to the forefront of your mind. This practice observes the patterns of one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions to create an inner balance. This practice helps one to learn more about themselves on a deeper level. Both of these meditations are great places for beginners to start and are easier to dive into than they may seem. Meditation can be practiced nearly everywhere from walking on the beach to sitting on a bench in your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless. However, if you are someone who finds it hard to relax you might want to try a guided meditation. Whether you opt for an app on your phone or listen to an online resource the result of relaxation will be soon to follow. No matter how or where you decide to complete your practice the positive results will be apparent. Only five to seven minutes is necessary to achieve these benefits and to create a positive atmosphere around you. Try out a meditation today and let us know what you think!



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