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The New Way to Design Your Home

June 30, 2018 Healthy Living 0

Looking for a good book to read on this dreary day? Check out Interiorology: Home Design from Within, by Laurel James. Laurel is a successful interior designer who uses the book to share her strategies when designing someone’s dream home. The book is perfect for someone looking to design or renovate his or her home without having to go to the trouble of hiring an expensive designer, or anyone interested in learning how to better connect with their home. The term “interiorology” was created by Laurel to describe a method for people to use when transitioning their homes, while also experiencing a major life transition. Homes are our most comfortable spaces and should reflect each person’s individuality and interests. The idea of interiorology also encompasses the art of applying one’s true inner-self into a living space through physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness. Each chapter explores a different aspect of interior designs and works to motivate the reader to rethink their own home designs to better suit the needs of themselves and their families. The book provides step-by-step instructions to inspire readers to craft new ideas that can be turned into beautiful spaces they can be proud of and allow them to feel like the best versions of themselves.

Laurel currently lives in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and is a featured guest In Real Magazine. She will share some of her expansive knowledge regarding interior design, and how to create a home environment that reflects someone’s true self. Laurel is an expert at helping people flourish within their own homes. If you’d like to learn more about Interiorology, please feel free to explore


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