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Charity of the Season: All Faiths Food Bank

June 28, 2018 REAL Events 0

Exciting news! Real Exclusive magazine’s upcoming Business Builder event will be supporting All Faiths Food Bank to help raise money to purchase fresh produce for families within the community. The event will be held on August 22nd, and all proceeds will go towards All Faiths Food Bank’s mission to “provide healthy solutions to end hunger in our community.” The produce purchased with the overall donation from the Business Builder will be offered through the food bank’s “mobile farm market” program, which distributes healthy foods at 11 different locations throughout our community. The event will have raffles and a 50/50 drawing to support the cause, so come test out your luck!

All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB) was founded in 1989 by a group of individuals who had been separately working to feed the hungry. They combined their efforts to create AFFB to serve Sarasota and DeSoto counties, and became a Certified Member of Feeding America in 1990. Hunger in Sarasota and DeSoto counties is a pressing issue and more prevalent than one might think. Statistics from AFFB show that “in 2015, 44% of households in Florida could not afford basic needs such as housing, childcare, food, healthcare, and transportation.” Currently, 33% of households in Sarasota, as well as 58% of households in DeSoto struggle to afford those same basic needs. Children, seniors, and veterans are especially vulnerable to go hungry in these areas. However, AFFB strives to change this by providing for those who are not able to provide for themselves. In 2017, AFFB served 66,000 people, distributed 8.5 million meals, and shared 3.2 million pounds of fresh produce with those in need. For additional information about All Faiths Food Bank, please visit


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