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Position Yourself with Positivity

June 25, 2018 Healthy Living 0

Do you have a positive outlook on life? Continuously practicing a positive mindset can
be a difficult task, but through strategies you can learn to easily maintain this outlook and
optimize personal health. This summer, the project “Position Yourself with Positivity” aims to utilize the natural resources of our local area to promote positive thinking and to increase energy levels. It also plans to teach breathing techniques and tips for relaxation that can allow people to physically position their bodies in ways that promotes individual health. These strategies will have the ability to be applied to all aspects of life from working or driving to relaxing at home or a fun night out with friends.
The project will consist of five different events throughout the summer and each one will
focus on a different element of mind-body positivity. As a senior at Rollins College studying health communication, and a resident of Lakewood Ranch, I am extremely excited to promote health and positivity within my own community. My overall goal for this project is for people to connect with the given information on a personal level by giving them new ideas to consider and to incorporate into their daily lives. If you are interested in learning more about any of the events for this project please contact me at, and continue to check this page for more details to come!


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